Indian Motor Works strives to provide the most accurate assessment of Indian motorcycles possible. Whether you are interested in buying or selling an Indian, we highly encourage you to contact us for a comprehensive evaluation on the authenticity, correctness, performance and potential issues that may come up with a motorcycle you are considering. We have dealt with authentic restorations and untouched original Indians for over four decades and see ourselves as a wealth of information on the Indian brand and current market.

Everyone has felt the sting of buyer’s or seller’s remorse. Whether you’re looking to buy an Indian from us or a third party, we hope to be a resource that helps you accurately understand the value and potential of the motorcycle you wish to buy or sell.

To start we recommend sending us detailed photographs of a bike and as much history on the bike as possible.

Jeff often likes to share a story to help people understand the value of a restoration.

An individual has the opportunity of purchasing one of two 1931 Model A's. Both are black, both have wood wheels, wooden steering wheels, and so on...... The seller of both vehicles offers both at the same price. However, there is a catch. You can't get any closer than 20 feet to view them. You ponder on the quality of the paint and subtle differences between the wheels, and so on. However, the underlying truth is that the one on the right is a horrible deal at $7000 and the one on the left is a great deal at $40,000. The fact is you are ultimately buying the integrity or lack thereof of the restorer...... The 'piece' and the parts he starts with, his knowledge, his ability to execute and his overall ability to deal with every aspect of a quality restoration determines the value of that restoration. 

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